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Rapala BX Big Brat DEL
13.50 €
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Shimano Stella FJ

The Stella FJ is the new flagship in front drag Core Solid spinning reels and is developed for both fresh and salt water conditions. The reel includes all the latest and very best technologies to ensure maximum strength and durability at a minimum own weight. The reel smoothness has been taken to a next level by the new development of Micro Module II gearing and Silent Drive technology. The Stella FJ is the ultimate spinning reel for the angler who wants to use the very best. The angler can fully rely on a reel which can easily handle the biggest fish and the most though conditions in both fresh and salt water. It is smoother then ever and more waterproof then ever before. The drag can be tuned very precise and will run unbelievably smooth: smoother than the fishing industry ever experienced before, even with very high drag pressure!
Art. No Weight Gear Ratio Line Capacity mm/m 
STL1000FJ 170 g5,1:10.18-170/0.20-140/0.25/90
629.00 €
STL2500FJ 205 g5.3:10.18-290/0.20-240/0.25-160
639.00 €
STL2500SFJ 205 g5.3:10.16-150,0.18-120,0.20-95
649.00 €
STL2500HGFJ 205 g6,0:10.18-290/0.20-240/0.25-160
639.00 €
STL2500SHGFJ 205 g6,1:10.16-150,0.18-120,0.20-95
649.00 €
STLC3000FJ 210 g5,3:10.25-210/0.30-130/0.35-100
649.00 €
STLC3000MHGFJ 210 g6,0:10.25-210/0.30-130/0.35-100
649.00 €
STL4000XGFJ 255 g6,2:10.25-260/0.30-180/0.35-130
659.00 €
STLC5000XGFJ 260 g6,2:10.30-240/0.35-175/0.40-120
679.00 €