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Rapala Shadow Rap Fat Jack PEL
12.25 €
Fishing | Soft Lures | Storm | R.I.P. Roach
Storm R.I.P. Roach BRBTU

This life-size roach imitation has been designed to be as realistic as possible, incorporating that unmistakable roach fin pattern, in multiple colors.  Fish it around structure or open water allowing it to sink slowly, as it gently imitates a dying fish; then slowly retrieving it to lure in those predators.  Ideally paired with the R.I.P. Multi-Depth Screw System or any other twin-rig system to enable full control at all depths.​
Art. No Body Lenght Weight 
RROH08BRBTU 21 cm127 g
9.90 €   9.30 €