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Рыбалка | Колеблющиеся Блесны | Blue Fox | Matrix Spoon
Blue Fox Matrixx Spoon BPOG

The Matrixx Spoon features brass stamped hammered or holographic finishes with naturalistic patterns, holographic eyes and comes armed with a premium Super Strong VMC Red Hook and a single Siwash replacement hook. The Matrixx's aggressive swimming and fluttering action proves virtually irresistible to a wide variety of fish species. Life-like action Red VMC hooks Holographic eye Triple & single hook included 
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BFMX3BPOG 10 cm15 g
5.95 €   5.50 €
BFMX4BPOG 12 cm23 g
5.95 €
BFMX5BPOG 14 cm36 g
6.95 €   5.95 €