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Rapala CountDown Elite GDSS
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Megabass Batra X Hot Rod Fire

The BATRA-X is the second joint project between Monster Kiss, led by Takuya Kozuka, and Megabass. The BATRA-X features innovative design elements and customizable functions that set it apart from past hollow frogs. The small yet high volume bullet-style body realizes nimble table turn actions and long distance castability. The Megabass original soft cup can be attached to the front of the body for rapid fire splash-crawling action and noisy sounds with a straight retrieve, something not possible with past frogs. The BATRA-X features a rumble tail and tail hook at the end of the penetration-type wire swivel that attract fish with sounds and vibration. This world’s first transformation hollow-body surface plug allows you to change out components based on situation and preference.
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
BATRA-X HOT ROD FIRE Topwater Floating5.1 cm17.7 g
21.05 €