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VMC 7548BD Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook
7.05 €
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Shimano Speedmaster XTC XSC

The new 2019 Speedmaster 14000 XTC/XSC reel is the new version of the 2015 Speedcast XSB/XTB and it has been strongly updated in specs, features and appearance! This reel will be ideal to use for both surfcasting and carp fishing.
Art. No Weight Gear Ratio Line Capacity mm/m 
SPM14000XTC 645 g4,3:10.35-550/0.40-400/0.45-300
144.95 €
SPM14000XSC 645 g4,3:10.35-550/0.40-400/0.45-300
144.95 €