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Storm So-Run Makan Minnow DC
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Izumi Ti-Sing 6

Ti-Sing is a unique, durable, and versatile lure for both ice fishing and open water application. It is equallyfatal for predators with vertical jigging technique or casting. The Ti-Sing line up matches a wide range ofweights and sizes, from ultralight to heavy-duty application, with a total of seven weight categories, from3.5gr to 56gr. Such a wide selection of weights permits you to use this lure in rivers with extremely strongcurrent. You'll always feel fully armed with Ti-Sing. Due to its design and construction you can easily adjustits performance and transform vibrating action from hi-frequency to low-frequency by a simple change of oneof three unique line-tie holes. For application in the snaggy area, just remove the front double hook andreplace the rear hook to a central hole to improve the snag-free features. It's the perfect choice for strongcurrent conditions and classic bottom jigging in deep lakes.
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TISFS02806 Variable2.85 cm3.5 g
7.55 €   6.45 €
TISFS03806 Variable3.87 cm7 g
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TISFS04506 Variable4.5 cm10.5 g
7.95 €   6.75 €
TISFS05106 Variable5.15 cm14 g
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TISFS06306 Variable6.3 cm28 g
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TISFS07006 Variable7 cm42 g
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TISFS08006 Variable7.5 cm56 g
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