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Boats | Base Marine
Base Marine Boats with an Aluminium Floor

The Base Marine Aluminium comes with a lightweight aluminium floor and aluminium connections which makes it durable with very low maintenance.
The aluminum floor makes the boat much firmer and more stable. Each Base Marine Aluminium comes with an all-round grab rail, 4 stainless steel davit lifting eyes, a metal faceplate, a seat and a pair of oars. Also a foot pump, carrying bag and a repair kit are included.
Art. No Length Width Weight Max Eng Power Max Load Cap Tube Dam Air Chamb 
BMALU290 290cm154cm63.1kg7.4 kw/10hp500kg43cm3+1
1045.00 €   645.00 €
BMALU320 318cm154cm67.9kg11.2kw/15hp620kg43cm3+1
1095.00 €   690.00 €