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Pontoon-21 Awaruna Evo 2307 Tomato Light Chartreuse TR Pearl
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Trolling Motors | Battery Chargers
Energy Research 36V 8A IP65 Lithium LiFePO4 Charger

Our lithium chargers are specially designed to charge our ER-Power Buddy batteries to max capacity within the shortest time possible, depending on the voltage of the battery you own, and the voltage of the charger. The charger goes through 3 phases to charge and maintain your battery. Bulk charging - delivers most of the charge (60-80%) The chargers delivers maximum currnt until the terminal voltage has risen to the set level. Absorption - completes the charging up to nearly 100% at a constant voltage. The current tapers off as the battery reaches full capacity. Float - maintenance charging at constant voltage, keeping the battery at 100% charge.
Art. No Recovery Time Battery