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Angry Lures Perch G-Tail N
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Fluorocarbon Leader Berkley Big Game Trilene 0.74 mm & 0.91 mm

  There is no compromise in quality as I only use YGK 100% fluorocarbon materials with excellent accessories. 
 Advantages of the fluorocarbon leader the refraction ratio is close to the water's (it is less visible, but not invisble) high abrasion resistance, it can easily handle pike teeth, stones, shells and sharp edges keeps its straight shape after stretching doesn't influence significantly the movement and action of your lures (you don't throw 3 gramm lures for pike anyway) doesn't take up a spiral or broken shape and its surface remains smooth maximum crimping strength high breakstrength and durabilty low stretch doesn't cut your fingers tender to the fish
 Recommendations for use
0,52 - For zander and asp where pike is around. Cautious drag setting and delicate fight recommended in this case.
0,74 - Especially for pike, 10 kg species are no problem for this leader diameter
0,91 - For waters with huge pikes over 10 kgs, catfish up to 30 kgs can even be caught with this leader thickness.
 Note: Not recommended for livebait or deadbait fishing. The baitfaish can slip back from the throat of the pike at hooksetting and the fluorocarbon leader might get shredded between the teeth of the pike.
In order to get a straight shape out of the bag, place both ends in the middle of your palms and close firmly. Pull the leader with your fists quite strong or hang 2-3 kilogram weight for an hour or so before fishing.
 Crimped fluorocarbon loses about 30% of its factory stated break strength but these leaders are still 2-3 times outperform the maxiumum drag power of your 2000-4000 size spinning or baitcasting reels.
Art. No Size Test Pc/Box 
BERKLEYFL074mm30cm22kg 0.74 mm - 30 cm22 kg 50 LB1 pc
1.70 €
BERKLEYFL074mm40cm22kg 0.74 mm - 40 cm22 kg 50 LB1 pc
1.70 €
BERKLEYFL091mm40cm36kg 0.91 mm - 40 cm36 kg 80 LB1 pc
2.05 €