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Rapala CountDown Magnum DL
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Fishing | Lures | Izumi | Eimann Roll
Izumi Eimann Roll 28

Eimann Roll's priority target is fish attack provocation. It boasts a long cast effect with only 7 grams of weight provided by a special chamber and shifted weights inside. If you are searching for a quick fish scout, this lure has been created to reach your goal. Active action while suspended in the water mass makes it irresistible for predators. Eimann Roll 65 permits all sorts of animations, from slight twitching to aggressive jerks. It is an equally fatal lure for trout, perch, pike and big asp.
Compact construction, digitally designed weight adjustment, and rattling effects are the key factors of your victory with Eimann Roll 65.
slow sinking

Art. No Running Dept Body Lenght Weight 
EIMSS06528 0-1.5 m6.5 cm7 g
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