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Storm Arashi Tiger 739
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Izumi Eimann Vib 36

Eiman Vib 70 is a versatile lure with heavily vibrating action. It is suitable for both casting and vertical jigging performance. Vib 70 permits any sort of animation, from classical bottom jigging to a permanent even retrieve with short stops and twitching. It is a perfect choice for fishing in a snaggy area because of its outstanding durability. Front-inclined position during the retrieve assures the secure snag-proof performance. Vib 70 is a real hit bait for perch, zander and pike. Hologram irritating colors contribute to your success at any fishing pond. This lure has stable action even at strong current.

Art. No Running Dept Body Lenght Weight 
EIMFS07036 Variable7 cm15 g
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