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Rapala Shadow Rap Jack Deep TRL
11.90 €
Fishing | Lures | Izumi | Malicious
Izumi Malicious 33

This is a series of small Krenke, which is designed to catch chub, asp, ide, trout, perch and other fish-loving small lures. Malicious noise is chamber, so it is very noisy lure that attracts prey and fish that feed on insects. Thanks to the spherical shape is very well kept course and obedient with jerks. This small Krenke produced in different types of floatation and is available in two sizes: 28 and 38 mm, which allows you to pick out the most suitable for you.
MALFL - Floating
MALSU - Suspending
MALSI - Slow Sinking
MLCSI - Slow Sinking

Art. No Running Dept Body Lenght Weight 
MALSI02833 0.3-0.6 m2.8 cm3 g
8.65 €   7.35 €
MLCSI02833 0.3-1 m2.8 cm3.5 g
8.65 €   7.35 €
MALSU03833 0.3-0.4 m3.8 cm5.2 g
8.65 €   7.35 €