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Rapala Harmaja CRHD
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Pontoon-21 11501 Sport Style Hook

Series 11501 is universal sport-style hooks for float and feeder fishing made of high quality thin stainless steel wire (CoupWire). Thanks to high-precision hardening, these hooks retain the sharpness for a long time (ProThrust) and are excellent for the most delicate baits. 11501 series is resilient enough to resist against unbending or breakage during the fight with the fish. These single hooks are rather thin yet powerful, clinging and reliable. They are ideal for plant and alive baits (bloodworms, maggots). The shape with classical round bend, long shank, sharp point, accurate barb and flat eye make 11501 excellent for ice-fishing mormyshka. Thin yet durable Teflon coating helps: - to penetrate the hook through the mouth of the fish; - to mask the hook with a neutral and non-blinking color; - to protect the hook from corrosion even after use in sea water. Made in Japan, packaged in the Philippines
Art. No Size Color Pc/Pack 
11501-15 15Teflon11 pc
1.75 €
11501-14 14Teflon11 pc
1.75 €
11501-12 12Teflon11 pc
1.75 €
11501-11 11Teflon11 pc
1.75 €
11501-10 10Teflon11 pc
1.75 €
11501-9 9Teflon11 pc
1.75 €