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Rapala BX Skitter Frog RH
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Pontoon-21 16503 Hook

Forged single hooks of Series 16503 are very cling and strong. The standard length of shank, round bend and round eye for easy line tying (also suitable for Knotless Knot rigging) make these hooks universal and easy-to-use. They are successfully used in various rigs for float and feeder fishing. They have compact shape and are made of high quality stainless steel wire (CoupWire). Thanks to high-precision hardening, they retain the sharpness for a long time (ProThrust) and can be used for the most delicate baits. These hooks are resilient enough to resist against unbending or breakage during the fight with the fish. Thin yet durable Teflon coating helps - to penetrate the hook through the mouth of the fish; - to mask the hook with a neutral and non-blinking color; - to protect the hook from corrosion even after use in sea water. Made in Japan, packaged in the Philippines.
Art. No Size Color Pc/Pack 
16503-16 16Teflon10 pc
1.75 €
16503-14 14Teflon10 pc
1.75 €
16503-12 12Teflon10 pc
1.75 €
16503-10 10Teflon10 pc
1.75 €
16503-9 9Teflon9 pc
1.75 €
16503-8 8Teflon9 pc
1.75 €
16503-7 7Teflon9 pc
1.75 €
16503-6 6Teflon9 pc
1.75 €