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Storm Gomoku Spinnerbait BCG
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Pontoon-21 5511 Strong Offset Hook

Series 5511 consists of strong powerful offset hooks for trophy fish. Wide bend and the size range supply rigging of large and bulky soft plastic lures, grubs, shads, creatures up to the biggest sizes. Due to distinct yet smooth offset bend these offset hooks fix safety not only slim long soft plastic lures, but also big and heavy soft ones – they don’t slide down along the shank during casting and retrieving. These offset hooks are made of high quality stainless steel wire (CoupWire). Thanks to high-precision hardening, they retain their sharpness for a long time (ProThrust). These hooks are resilient enough to resist against unbending or breakage during the fight with the fish. Thin yet durable Teflon coating helps - to penetrate the hook through the mouth of the fish; - to mask the hook with a neutral and non-blinking color; - to protect the hook from corrosion even after use in sea water. Made in Japan, packaged in the Philippines.
Art. No Size Color Pc/Pack 
5511-1/0 1/0Teflon6 pc
3.10 €
5511-2/0 2/0Teflon5 pc
3.10 €
5511-3/0 3/0Teflon4 pc
3.10 €
5511-4/0 4/0Teflon4 pc
3.10 €
5511-5/0 5/0Teflon3 pc
3.10 €
5511-6/0 6/0Teflon3 pc
3.10 €