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Rapala Shadow Rap Solid Shad P
13.95 €  12.70 €
Fishing | Jigging Lures | Rapala | WH Jigging Rap
Rapala WH Jigging Rap STBG

All of the great features of the original Jigging Rap®, with the addition of a Tiger Eye hook. Providing an easy target, this accented point helps fish to zero-in and strike the WH Jigging Rap®. Extremely effective in cold waters or when predators are feeding on small bait. Minnow Profile Balanced Design Tough Resin Composition Bright Attractor Colors Pupil Tip on Hook
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
WH3STBG Variable3 cm6 g
8.95 €   8.15 €
WH5STBG Variable5 cm9 g
9.95 €   9.05 €
WH7STBG Variable7 cm18 g
9.95 €   9.05 €