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Remen Moreungen Chili GYR

Hot colors on the favorite Møreungen. Here are color combinations for every temperature, season and fishing condition. The bream is a spoon lure that fishes well at low speeds. The small rocker at the front gives Møreungen the lively gait that entices the fish to strike, and the bestseller has many a trout and char on his conscience. Also recommended for char fishing and fishing for perch and grayling. Møreungen is a classic and has been catching fish since 2001. Other models: Møreungen Classic and Møreungen Nordlys.
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MUC07GYR 3.5 cm7 g
6.90 €   6.20 €
MUC12GYR 4 cm12 g
7.90 €   7.10 €