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Rapala Jointed Shad Rap BSD
10.95 €  9.95 €
Fishing | Lures | Storm | Doom Bell Shad-O Deep
Storm Doom Bell Shad-O Deep 483

A deeper version of its noisy brother, the Doom Bell Shad-O Deep will get you ringing the Doom Bell action well into the depths. Perfectly suited to fast-paced retrieves or trolling, this lure holds its track creating a rolling and wobbling action with added kick. If you hit an obstacle, stop the retrieve and take advantage of the Doom Bell Shad-O Deep’s floating design. Once you are clear of the obstruction, recommence your troll or retrieve and get ready for action as the lure shoots straight back down to the depths! Careful design has crafted the Doom Bell Shad-O Deep as a brilliant lure for a wide range of line classes, light or heavy, drawing very little resistance during the retrieve.
Super loud Doom Bell rattle
Wire through construction
Wide rolling and wobbling action
Low resistance on retrieve
Tracks straight on higher trolling speeds
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
DBSD13483 3.5-5 m13 cm35 g
9.95 €