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Base Laser Hybrid Combo 67 Waterskis
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Storm R.I.P. Rigger CB

Big bait rigging made easy – the R.I.P. RIGGER is a screw-in system that fits perfectly to most 6”-8” soft baits, especially those in the Storm R.I.P. series. Size up your lure of choice, cut the head off your soft bait at the correct angle and screw it onto the R.I.P. Rigger. Leave the VMC treble hook rig either free hanging; or hook the back treble into the soft bait body to secure it. The R.I.P. Rigger takes the hassle out of choosing and rigging large soft baits. Its professionally weighted ABS plastic head descends your lure at the right angle and adds additional rolling action, giving the whole presentation more flash and appeal. Weighted ABS plastic head with fixed screw attachment point Rigged with crimped 80lb coated wire & two 2/0 VMC black nickel hooks Multiple attachment points for different actions Perfectly weighted to improve casting distance & create additional rolling action
Art. No Body Lenght Weight Pc/Pak 
RIPR05CB 15 cm27 g1 pc
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