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Rapala MaxRap AYUL
14.50 €
Fishing | Soft Lures | Storm | R.I.P. T-Bone
Storm R.I.P. T-Bone BBT

30% less weight than a soft bait of equivalent size Body collapses when attacked, exposing the hooks for a better hook up rate than any other simlarly-sized shad T shape stabilizes the lure even at high speed retrieves Features 3D pectoral fins and a textured full-body rib pattern which create vibrations underwater Available unrigged or rigged with R.I.P. MDS System
Art. No Body Lenght Weight Pc/Pak Hook 
RTBN07BBT 18 cm42 g1 pcw/o
7.90 €   7.50 €
RTBNRP07BBT 18 cm42 g1 pcHook 2 x 2/0
11.90 €   11.25 €