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Bassday Pellet Pellet 138
6.90 €
Fishing | Soft Lures | Storm | So-Run Makan Minnow
Storm So-Run Makan Minnow SS

Designed by Storm's Japanese development team, the So-Run Makan Minnow incorporates subtle design tweaks that other soft baits don't feature in order to achieve maximum action in all areas. At a slow to medium retrieve, the Makan Minnow kicks its tail wildly as the body rolls from side-to-side. At high speed the lure exaggerates its body roll and wide tail kicking action whilst maintaining balance if rigged correctly. These slight, precise differences are what makes Storm's So-Run soft baits come to life in the water. Paddle tail minnow shape Strong rolling action with wide tail kick Action gets stronger and more pronounced at higher speeds Ribbed, textured body for added vibration Ideal for fast & slow speed retrieves
Art. No Boyd Lenght Weight Pc/Pak 
SSRMM03SS 7.5 cm3.5 g7 pc
5.95 €
SSRMMB1003SS 7.5 cm3.5 g10 pc
6.35 €   5.10 €
SSRMMB1004SS 10 cm4.7 g10 pc
7.35 €   5.90 €