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Rapala Shadow Rap Fat Jack HTY
12.50 €
Fishing | Soft Lures | Storm | So-Run Superu Shad
Storm So-Run Superu Shad BG

Combining a wide tail kick with a very pronounced body roll, the So-Run Superu Shad from Storm is full of action; and the ribbed & textured body produce additional vibration. It's back & belly slit ensure maximum hook exposure when a fish strikes. Each So-Run Superu Shad is infused with a natural smelling fish scent which masks the artificial plastic smell, and leaves no residue after handling. Enhanced paddle tail shad shape Very pronounced body roll Narrow tail bridge enhances tail kicking action Back & belly slit ensures body folds away when a fish strikes to maximise hook set Ribbed, textured body for added vibration Perfect for slow to med retrieve speeds
Art. No Boyd Lenght Weight Pc/Pak 
SSRSS04BG 10 cm9.5 g6 pc
5.95 €   3.95 €
SSRSSB1005BG 12.5 cm14 g10 pc
8.75 €   6.95 €