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DUO Metal Garage Plate Jig PHA0087
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Fishing | Soft Lures | Storm | Split Tail Seeker Shad
Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad BCG

This slow sinking/suspending hybrid has a huge presence in the water, yet doesn’t create unwanted load on you or your rod when fishing – the best of both worlds for attracting big fish. The Split Tail Seeker Shad features two tantalizing tail sections with action-enhancing bulb tips that generate movement at all speeds, slow to fast. Features an internal buoyancy & rattle chamber; and comes rigged with VMC back and belly hooks. Slow sinking / suspending Split curl tail works at the slowest of speeds Exaggerated rolling action at all speeds Internal buoyancy / rattle chamber Secure I-Bolt system with holo eye Rigged with VMC hooks
Art. No Running Dept Body Lenght Weight 
STSS05BCG 14 cm26 g1 pc
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STSS08BCG 20 cm80 g1 pc
8.90 €