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Rapala BX Skitter Frog LFL
13.95 €  12.70 €
Fishing | Soft Lures | Storm | Ultra Shad Light
Storm Ultra Shad Light P

The Ultra Shad Light has a lighter head to body ratio than Ultra Shad, but it still produces excellent rolling action with a high frequency vibration to attract fish from great distances. Designed to sink fast and get to the fishing action quick, the slim-line design of the Ultra Shad Light is ideal for strong current conditions.
Use: Spinning/casting, vertical jigging
1 head / 2 bodies
Art. No Body Lenght Weight Pc/Pak 
SJSD4ZP 10 cm15 g1 head / 2bodies
7.50 €   6.85 €
SJSD45ZP 12 cm18 g1 head / 2bodies
7.95 €   7.25 €