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Storm V-Slab FTGPK

In the footsteps of Storm R.I.P. T-Bone's unique design now comes Storm V-Slab, a large soft bait with a high profile and low weight, developed for large predatory fish.
The hollow back provides a significantly reduced weight without having to reduce the size and profile. The unique design, with thin side walls, means that the bait swims just as usual when you spin it home, but collapses easily when the strike comes - something that dramatically increases the hooking ability. 
The large paddle gives the bait a fantastic action and sends vibrations far out into the water. V-Slab can easily be rigged weedless with an off-set hook or with a two-hook rig that is attached to reinforced points in the bottom of the bait.
Art. No Body Lenght Weight 
VSL08FTGPK 21.5 cm70 g
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