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VMC 7009 Mystic Match EWG Strong Hooks

Fishing style(s): Carp Match Feeder, Fly Lure / Rig Type(s): Flies A very versatile model with its medium-strong wire and its shape designed to keep the catch ratio to the maximum Can be used with many baits such as maggots, corn, hook pellets, meat or worms Also suitable for feeder fishing
Art. No Size Color Pc/Pack 
7009-BN0020D6 20Black Nickel10 pc
2.00 €
7009-BN0018D6 18Black Nickel10 pc
2.00 €
7009-BN0016D6 16Black Nickel10 pc
1.80 €
7009-BN0014D6 14Black Nickel10 pc
1.80 €
7009-BN0012D6 12Black Nickel10 pc
2.20 €
7009-BN0010D6 10Black Nickel10 pc
2.20 €