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Zahar SurFer S-2 Fly Set Fishing Lure Retriever For any Fly and All Types Lures and Baits

Fishing Lure Retriever For All Types of Hard And Soft Lures and Baits - The world's most innovative and effective EU patented lure retriever. You can save your lures from your boat or from shore. Even effective when you accidentally throw your lures on trees (horizontal saving). The first fishing returns your investment, even more so if you have expensive, irreplacable or rare lures. Breakstrength is 265 LBs, made of 4 mm thick high quality German stainless steel. A real artwork, undestroyable masterpiece that lasts for a lifetime and longer. Cutting edge engineering: computerized cutting, massive amount of handwork and polishing, so your fishing line (braid, mono, fused, FC or Nanofil) will remain unharmed, unlike in case of cheap retrievers. 70% effective from shore, depending on water depth, and 99% from your boat. If you have the necessary slope degree of the fishing line, you have a good chance to succeed. You need to have a direct connection to the lure, so the surFer can reach down to it and slide on it. Sometimes you need to change position for your saving procedure to find an obstacle free route for the tool under the water. The only lure retriever in the world that can carry out a horizontal save from a tree or bush. Very strong thin sinking trilene cord is necessary in order to help the surFer sink down to the snagged lure. After fully slipping on the lure it grabs the shank of the snagged hook, (not the free hanging one), thus there is no strain on the lure body when saving. Modern molded hook-eye hardbaits and balsa lures can easily get damaged. Your cheap traditional saver always grabs the free hanging hook, thus there is a tension on the lure causing cracks, break or irrepearable damage, so the price advantage diminishes very fast. The surFer is 100 gramms (3,527 OZ) and can save all kinds of soft and hard lures, jigs, spoons, wobblers, spinners, spinnerbaits, jerk lures, swimbaits, propbaits, walk the dog lures, poppers estc. I have been using the surFer for more than five years and saved hundreds of lures for myself and fellow anglers. The surFer comes with 25 metres of an 1,5 mm diameter round woven trilene sinking rope, with 285 pounds of breaking strength and a handcrafterd wooden winder for the cord. Check out the video on Youtube: surFer lure retriever.
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SurFerS2FlySet 100 g, 1.5 mm - 25 m Rope
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