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Pontoon-21 Awaruna Evo 4223 Carrot Back Pearl Belly Minnow
4.95 €
Fishing | Jigging Lures | Rapala | Jigging Rap
Rapala Jigging Rap RT

Vertical jigging for deep or suspended fish. Pro anglers in their constant quest to outfish the competition sometimes go "outside the box" to make it to the winners circle. In the heat of summer, when big hawgs are holding on sunken islands and other bottom structures, turn to a traditional winter lure, the Jigging Rap, that swims in tantalizing circles right in the middle of deep game fish. Spectacular in the winter too.
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
W2RT Variable2 cm4 g
6.90 €   6.55 €
W3RT Variable3 cm5 g
7.50 €   6.85 €
W5RT Variable5 cm9 g
7.90 €   7.15 €
W7RT Variable7 cm18 g
8.50 €   7.55 €
W9RT Variable9 cm22 g
8.90 €   7.95 €